Medical Information

Guide for Medical Institutions

Types of medical institutions

There are a variety of medical institutions in Japan and each one has its own role.
If you have a minor illness or injury, go to a clinic near your house.

Clinics・doctor’s offices

If you are concerned about your illness or injury, go to a nearby clinic. If you need specialized treatment or hospitalization, the clinic will refer you to the hospital. Make sure you get a doctor’s referral.

Middle-scale hospital

Go to a middle-scale hospital if you need surgery or hospitalization, or if you need treatment for sudden illness, injury, or poisoning symptoms (a doctor’s referral may be required).

Large-scale hospital

Go to a large-scale hospital when a major illness or injury that is life-threatening is discovered or when you have to do advanced medical testing or treatment (a doctor’s referral may be required).

When you need to get to a hospital urgently due to a sudden illness or injury

“Emergencies” page

Hospital Departments

Internal Medicine Treatments of diseases inside your body (such as cold)
Surgery Treatments of external injuries, and performing surgery
Pediatrics Treatment of illnesses for infants and children
Orthopedics Treatments of bones, joints, and muscles
Ophthalmology Treatments of eye disorders
Dentistry Treatments of teeth
Obstetrics & Gynecology Treatments of diseases peculiar to women and childbirth

What to bring to the hospital

  • Health insurance card
  • Document to prove your identity (residence card, passport, or credit card)
  • Cash(some clinics do not accept credit cards)
  • Medicines you are currently taking or your prescription record

Medical questionnaire

Write your symptoms on the medical questionnaire given at the reception of the medical institution.

To find medical institutions providing foreign languages support

Ibaraki Emergency Medical Information System Search for a doctor


Japan National Tourism Organization’s website

Some hospitals and clinics have interpreters, so please consult with the municipal office or international association in your town.

Useful links

Ibaraki International Association Medical Handbook

This booklet helps you answer basic questions and describe your symptoms at hospital in both foreign languages and Japanese. Please use this as a means to communicate at the hospital.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

In addition to a medical questionnaire, you can download materials that are useful when going to a medical institution, such as hospitalization application forms, consent forms, receipts, and invoices. These materials are available in English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish (with Japanese).

Multilingual explanatory materials for foreigners

AMDA International Medical Information Center

AMDA International Medical Information Center is an NPO organization that helps foreigners who do not speak Japanese find medical institutions and provides them with telephone interpretation at medical sites.