Consultation Center for Foreigners

Free legal consultation by lawyers

The Consultation Center for Foreigners provides legal consultation with a lawyer. This service is for those who need legal advice (up to 30 minutes per consultation).
Consultation is free of charge.
The free legal consultation requires a reservation in advance. Please call the Consultation Center for Foreigners to make a reservation. If you need an interpreter, please contact the Consultation Center.

Available date

Twice a month 1:30pm – 3:30pm

2022-2023 Thursday Wednesday
April 7 20
May 12 25
June 9 15
July 7 20
August 4 17
September 8 14
October 6 19
November 10 16
December 8 21
January 12 18
February 9 15
March 9 15

Consultation methods

Interview or online


Ibaraki International Association (I.I.A) Consultation Center for Foreigners

(2nd floor of The Hirosawa City Kaikan (Kenmin Bunka Center) Annex, 745 Ushirokawa Senba-cho Mito, Ibaraki)
Phone 029-244-3811
FAX 029-241-7611