Raising a Child

Health checkups for infants

Your municipality provides free health checkups for infants on regular basis to check the child’s condition and growth. You will receive a notification for health checkups from your municipal office, so please be sure to take advantage of this service. You can consult with them about any concerns you may have.

Vaccinations (injections to protect your baby from diseases)

At 2 months old, your baby should receive vaccines. This is to protect them from diseases.
There are free and paid vaccinations.
For details, contact the municipal office where you live.

Medical expenses for children

In Ibaraki prefecture, there is the “Medical Welfare Subsidy System (Marufuku).”

Homepage of Ibaraki prefecture “Medical Welfare Subsidy System (Marufuku) Guide”(Japanese)

Those who are eligible for Marufuku

Children Outpatient Service (going to the hospital for medical examination and treatment): from birth to the 6th grade in elementary school
Hospitalization: from 0 years old to the 3rd year of high school (senior high school)
Single parent families
  • Single parents and their children under 18 years old
  • Children under 18 years old without parents
    ※until 20 years old for children with severe disabilities or high school students

Out-of-pocket costs

  • Outpatient Service: 600 yen per day (up to 2 days per month)
  • Hospitalization: 300 yen per day (up to 3,000 yen per month)

Points to be noted

  • You are eligible for the Marufuku if you have medical insurance and your monthly income is lower than a certain amount. The requirements may differ depending on the municipality where you live.
  • Cost regarding vaccinations, pill boxes, hospital meals, etc. are not covered by this system.
  • In order to use the system, you must renew it every year

For details, please contact your municipal office.

Preschool-aged children

  • hildren under 6 years old before entering elementary school can enroll in nursery schools, kindergartens, and centers for early childhood education and care, etc.
  • For children that are 3-5 years old, nursery schools, kindergartens, and centers for early childhood education and care, are free. (it is not free for children between the ages of 0-2 years old)
    Fees for school bus will not be free.

Nursery school (Hoikuen)

  • Nursery schools are facilities that take care of children whose parents are working.
  • Generally, they are open around eight hours a day.
  • Some nursery schools offer services at night, as well as on weekends and holidays.
  • Some also offer temporary childcare services if parents cannot keep their children due to illness or emergency.
  • If you want to leave your child at a nursery schools, apply at the government office.

Kindergarten (Yochien)

  • Kindergartens are facilities for 3-5 years old children.
  • Unlike elementary school, children can learn various things through playing.
  • Generally, they are open around four hours a day.
  • Some kindergartens offer childcare services until evening or night if parent are working.
  • Choose and apply directly to the kindergarten where you wish to enroll your child.

Center for Early Childhood Education and Care (Nintei Kodomoen)

  • Centers for early childhood education and care combine the functions of both kindergartens and nursery schools.
  • Children can be enrolled in centers for early childhood education and care regardless of whether their parents work or not.
  • If you wish to enroll your child in centers for early childhood education and care, please consult with the municipal office or directly with the center.

Websites regarding Nursery Schools, Kindergartens, Centers for Early Childhood Education and Care in Ibaraki Prefecture

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