The response to COVID-19 has changed since May 8.


Outpatient (fever patients, etc.)


Widely available in general medical institutions
*Please contact the medical institution before consultation and wear a mask when visiting the doctor.


Copayment of medical and other expenses is required (insurance treatment).
*No co-payment for designated COVID-19 drug



Patients with severe or moderate symptoms Ⅱ (requiring oxygen administration); Accepted by inpatient medical institutions
Patients with mild or moderate symptoms Ⅰ requiring hospitalization; Acceptance is not limited to inpatient medical institutions


Copayment for medical expenses (insurance treatment) *The amount of cost will vary on the age and annual income of patients
Copayment for food

Recovering at accommodations


Admissions of the elderly and pregnant women continue. Please apply from the website of Ibaraki prefecture.


Payment for the actual cost of food is required.

Recovering at home


If you are not sure which medical institution to visit, please call Telephone Consultation Center (029-301-3200 7:30 am – 9 pm)
If you are not sure whether to call an ambulance, call the number below: #7119 (Adults) #8000 (Children) available 24 hours and 365 days


Copayment for medical expenses (insurance treatment)


Those who are eligible

People who have been vaccinated for at least three months after the second shot and correspond to one of the following conditions

  • ①People aged 65 and over.
  • ②People aged between 5 and 64 who have underlying diseases.
  • ③People who work in hospitals, clinics, and facilities for the elderly.

*Vaccination voucher will be sent by the municipality where you live


Those who are eligible will be vaccinated at medical institutions.(Spring vaccination: From May 8 / Autumn vaccination: From September)


No payment will be required until March 31, 2024.

Free testing

No longer available (still available to buy medical test kits at pharmacies)

Behavioral restrictions for COVID-positive persons

Please refrain from going out until 5 days after the onset of symptoms, or 24 hours after symptoms of high fever or coughing have subsided.

Behavioral restrictions for close contacts