Is your credit card safe?


Credit card fraud is on the rise. Please be aware that if your card details are fraudulently obtained, they can be traded globally on black market websites.

The main methods used to steal card details are;

  • “Phishing scams”, where emails or other methods direct you to fake flea market applications or financial institution websites.
  • Unauthorized access to companies

Recently, the quality of fake websites is high and it is difficult to distinguish them from genuine ones. To make it harder for people to tell whether they are being scammed or not, they send emails with links such as “check on the member’s page”, or extract information by blending in with actual campaigns of the company.
Check your credit card statement frequently and do the following if you receive a charge you do not remember.

  • Contact your credit card company
  • Change your card number or PIN to prevent unauthorized use in the future
  • Contact your local police as this may be a criminal offence.